Terrell H2O and Customer Portal

Water Meter Replacement ProgramCity Launches Terrell H2O, a project to replace meters for all customers.

April 2023-  In August 2022, the City of Terrell launched Terrell H2O, a water meter replacement program that will offer utility customers proactive service alerts and tools for cost control and convenience.   The project scope includes replacing all meter throughout the system, which includes residential, commercial, and Wholesale Customers.  The City is nearing the end of the project, working on finalizing a small percentage of  locations that still require modifications to receive the new meters.  There will still be some activity required to complete the project, so for those accounts still pending, we apologize for any inconvenience you may experience.  We will work diligently to minimize any disruptions in service.

Meter installers from the City's contractor, Aqua-Metric, or City staff will be completing the remaining meters.  The goal is to alert customers when entering their property. A brief service interruption may occur during the installation, which is typically 30 minutes or less. All Aqua-Metric employees will be dressed in uniform, have City-endorsed signage on their vehicles, and possess valid photo IDs.  City employees will be in marked City vehicles and be in City uniform.

The meters communicate consumption information and notifications directly to the City, creating more efficient billing and better customer service.

It was indicated in August 2022, "This new technology will allow both customers and City staff to proactively review water usage data. In the future, customers will be able to manage their accounts more effectively as we serve them with greater efficiency," as stated by City Manager Mike Sims.

Since we are nearing the completion of the project, we are now ready to offer access to the Customer Portal.  Below are links to go directly to the Customer Portal to create an account as well as a link that provides information to assist in using the Portal.  Customers will receive notification prior to their meter replacement. 

Terrel H2O Logo"The City would like to thank residents in advance for their patience and participation in Terrell H2O. Customer satisfaction will remain our highest priority as the City modernizes its water technology to support the progression and expansion of our community," said Terrell Mayor Rick Carmona."

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