Water Quality & Distribution

The City of Terrell maintains a water distribution system with over 800,000 LF of pipe ranging in size from 2 inch to 30 inch diameter.

Terrell's water is supplied by North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD)

The Water Quality Department is located at 2603 Highway 80 East. Staff monitors the flow and quality of up to 10.0 million gallons of purified water each day. Two water towers with a combined capacity of 2½ million gallons and a 3.0 million gallon ground storage tank provide adequate water supply and water pressure for the city's residential, industrial, and commercial customers.

Water samples are collected and tested monthly from twenty (20) sampling locations throughout the city to monitor water quality. Terrell's water treatment facility meets or exceeds all federal water quality standards. If you have a question about water quality, contact the water plant at 972-551-6635 or click on the below report:

The City of Terrell provides "wholesale water" for the Elmo WSC, College Mound SUD, North Kaufman WSC, Lawrence WSC, High Point SUD, and Poetry SUD.

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