Adopt a Pet

Come make a new friend and adopt an animal from our shelter.

Girl and DogIf you are looking for a family pet, giving a shelter animal a second chance is rewarding for both.

Adoption Information

View our Facebook page's Adoptable Animals Album, where animals available for immediate adoption, rescue or fostering are listed. Adoption fees include spay or neuter, rabies vaccination, and the ability to microchip for a minimal amount more. Though we can only house animals rescued from inside our city limits, there are no residential limitations for those wanting to adopt. If you live inside the city limits of Terrell, the adoption fee also pays for the first year of city registration!

Adoptable Animals

View our Adoptable Animals page for information on available animals.


  • In the interest of keeping the public informed of the Capacity for Care status of the shelter, a system has been developed to characterize the MAXCAP Alert status of the shelter's population.
    MAXCAP Alert (PDF)
  • Register your pet. It's the law and it helps us care for the animals!
    Registration Information
  • Returned animals are accepted after adoption, but any related payments will not be returned. Additionally, the ASPCA could be contacted regarding the transfer of an animal.


  1. You will simply sign an Adoption Agreement and pay one fee that covers all legally required costs for an animal adopted from our shelter (call for current adoption fees).
  2. If the animal is not spayed or neutered and/or vaccinated against rabies, we will immediately schedule your animal for pre-paid services at the City's veterinarian. The animal will be dropped off for vet services and your pick up afterward. The single fee has paid for the veterinary services, as well as City of Terrell Registration for the city residents.
  3. We will microchip the animal for you while you wait for an additional $10 fee. It is optional, but is highly recommended as an aid to identifying your pet if lost.

Cash / Check and Credit/Debit cards are accepted at the Animal Shelter, however Mobile Units can only accept Cash / Check.


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