Conflict of Interest Disclosure

Beginning January 1, 2016 a new state law (HB 1295) added section 2252.908 to the Texas Government Code that a governmental entity receive a Disclosure of Interested Parties (Form 1295) before entering into a contract with a vendor that requires an action by the City Council

Form 1295 was created by the Texas Ethics Commission per the direction of the Texas Legislature. The form must be completed electronically on the Texas Ethics Commission website. Once you have electronically completed the form, you must print the form, sign and notarize the form, then deliver the form to the City's Financing Department.

Your first step in completing Form 1295 will be to create an account. For assistance on how to register and how to complete the form, we highly encourage you to watch the short "Logging in the First Time - Business User" and "How To Create a Certificate" videos that are posted on the website noted above. In addition, there are other links on the website that may be helpful to you.


Beginning January 1, 2006, a new state law (Chapter 176 of the Local Government Code) requires the filing of conflict of interest questionnaires by certain individuals and businesses.

The questionnaires require disclosures describing certain business and gift giving relationships, the filers may have with City Council members, the purchasing manager, and other elected and appointed officials.

The new law applies to:

  • Businesses and individuals who contract with the City
  • Businesses and individuals who seek to contract with the City, regardless of whether a bidder is awarded the contract
  • Agents who represent such businesses in their business dealings with the City


If you have any questions about compliance, please consult your own legal counsel. Compliance is the individual responsibility of each individual, business, and agent who is subject to the law's filing requirement.

If you are required to file a Conflict of Interest Questionnaire, you can file with the City Secretary by mailing it to the City Secretary's office at:

City of Terrell
Office of City secretary
P.O. Box 310
Terrell, TX 75160