Get Started

Neighborhood Watch helps to build pride and serves as a springboard for efforts that address other community concerns, such as recreation for youth, child care, and affordable housing.

Simple First Steps

Many of your neighbors may wish that a program like Neighborhood Watch already existed in their area, but don’t know how to start one. They may not realize just how simple it is.

If you don’t start a Neighborhood Watch program in your area, perhaps no one will. But once you take these first simple steps, you may be amazed at how easy it is to organize the program and what a difference it will make:

  1. Form a small planning committee.
  2. Decide on a date and place for an initial neighborhood meeting.
  3. Contact your neighborhood officer for help in organizing your meeting. The neighborhood officer will discuss your neighborhood’s problems and needs with the group. If you do not know who your neighborhood officer is, you can contact the Terrell Police Department. They will put you in contact with him or her.