Bulk Items - Ordinance No. 2066

Bulk items are picked up on the second scheduled collection day, Thursday or Friday

Pickup is limited and not to exceed 50lbs. Items are to be placed in a neat stack no earlier than the prior Saturday and can't block sidewalks, driveways, or roadways.

Please Note

  • Items that may not be obviously seen as refuse, need to be labeled.
  • Items placed next to utility poles, mailboxes, trees, or parked cars won't be collected.
  • Items placed on vacant lots or in alleys do not get collected.
  • Items placed at a residence without active utility services, will not be serviced.
  • Items that may not meet any of the criteria below, please call Public Services at 972-551-6614.

Bulk Items include:

  • Furniture - couch, chairs, mattresses, box springs, etc.
  • Appliances -  Stoves, refrigerators, water tanks, washing machines, furniture (appliances with Freon® must be drained and tagged by a licensed plumber, prior to pickup)
  • Loose Brush - greater than four (4) inches in diameter that cannot be bundled in four (4) foot lengths and weighs more than 50 lbs or no more than 5 cubic yards
  • Lawn Equipment - no mowers
  • TV Sets - no tube TV's
  • Swing Sets - must be taken apart
  • Debris from minor remodeling projects done by the residents themselves must not exceed 50 lbs. Debris can not have wood pieces with nails or wood pieces longer than 6ft
  • Paint - dried water or oil-based paint

Items Not collected:

  • Roofing materials - including shingles 
  • Sheetrock or drywall
  • Construction, demolition, or remodeling debris from projects done by a contractor
  • Dirt, rock, or concrete
  • Hazardous materials - herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, pool chemicals, etc.
  • Tires, batteries, and automobile parts
  • Liquids - motor oils, solvents, etc.