Street Maintenance

Street MaintenanceRoutine maintenance of potholes, sunken roadway areas, and crack sealing

When possible, quick temporary repairs are used to make the roadway safe for residents. These are replaced by permanent repairs as soon as weather and work schedules permit.

Pavement  Management Program

The City of Terrell has developed a Pavement Management Program (PMP) to best address street pavement needs. The American Public Works Association defines pavement management as a systematic method for routinely collecting, storing, and retrieving data and information needed to make maximum use of our resources. The benefits of pavement management are numerous, including rational resource allocation, optimal use of funds, pavement rehabilitation cost reductions, pavement treatment selections, and pavement life extensions. A PMP will ultimately enable best practices for pavement needs that emerge over time.  

Pavement Maintenance Mileage by Council District

Streets, Pavement Markings and Signs

The Street department is responsible for the upkeep of existing traffic signs and pavement markings.

  • Reporting street areas that could be a future danger for pedestrians or motorists.

-Detailed information about the area and the exact location of the repair is needed.

  • Reporting sign damage

Report a Concern


  • Requesting new signs or traffic signals

Documentation of the need for new traffic controls at the requested location is required.

Call Engineering, 972-551-6600

Street Sweeping and Weed Control

Public Services also supervises street sweeping and weed control operations.

The following roadways are maintained by the State:

U.S. 80, SH 205, SH 34 (Virginia)
FM 986 (Rockwall Avenue, State St., Poetry Road,)
FM 429, FM 148 or FM 2578
Contact TxDOT to report potholes, questions or concerns.

Pressure Paving Streets Project List