Mayor Welcome Message

Terrell, a city rich in history, actively steps into the future with vigorous development and an innovative attitude

As the mayor and a lifelong resident of Terrell, I've witnessed firsthand the transformation of our city from a small town, where everyone knew everyone, into a growing municipality where we welcome new residents at a faster pace than ever before. As the third fastest growing county in the nation, we must embrace and prepare ourselves for the growth that is certainly on its way. We should position ourselves so that we minimize the pains of growth while maximizing the opportunities it will provide. My vision is for all of our citizens to have a voice in what we become - saving what we treasure about Terrell while working together to create something special for our children and grandchildren.

Development will occur in and around our great city for sure. With that growth comes a responsibility to grow our services as well. It is my hope that we provide our citizens with the best possible city services. We must work diligently to perform at a level greater than expected.

Ultimately, I hope to provide the leadership that will inspire all of those under the city umbrella the motivation to ensure we continue taking the necessary steps to ensure Terrell is second to none as the best place to live, work and raise our children.

E. Rick Carmona, Mayor